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Software Defined Data Centers: As Important as Cloud Virtualization


We are living in the digital world today where technology is the core of any business operation. This is the reason data in the world is growing at an exponential rate every day. Thereby, data centers are expanding, modernizing and transforming to accommodate more and more data with better resource optimization and energy efficiency.

This transformation has also resulted in the beginning of software-defined data centers. CIOs and IT managers are offering the enterprises to operate their computing needs through data centers. The IT managers at enterprises are confused whether to use/buy data center solutions or to buy servers and storage solutions.

Although, cloud and virtualization are considered to be high power solutions, green and more energy-efficient than traditional ones. They are expected to expand successfully in 2016 as more and more organizations are set to adopt the technologies. In fact, a study reports there has been a remarkable up rise in the cloud services from 48% in 2010 to 84% in 2015.  

But, data centers are equally important not only because of their transformation to software defined architecture but also because it offers what virtualization cannot. For many organizations, locations and quick access to data is significant. Moreover, they are much concerned about the security of their data. DDoS and many other security issues are rising up at the same pace of that of evolution of technologies.

Data centers offer physical location for data storage and robust physical and network security to the data. This is why enterprises rely on state of art data centers and many of them are even dividing their computing resources between cloud services and data centers solutions. Growing demand for colocation data centers is another sign of potential of data centers in this futuristic and highly competitive cloud virtualization market.

Software defined, automated and energy efficient data centers will thrive in the coming years and its significance is parallel with cloud virtualization services.

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