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Setting up an e-Commerce Website in India ?


Business methodologies have undergone a sea change after coming of computer and internet. Several applications and software have been developed to make the manual work easier and faster with lesser chances of human errors. Technologies has changed the way people work and now even the way they shop. Selling of products is shifted from physical stores to eCommerce websites.

India is nowhere behind, eCommerce business is flourishing here. The subcontinent has one of the fastest growing internet user-base. In addition to the native eCommerce giants like Flipkart and Snapdeal, major multi-national eCommerce players have also invested in Indian market,  The growing popularity and success of eCommerce businesses in India is attracting many young entrepreneurs to set up their own eCommerce websites.

Factors to be considered before setting up an eCommerce website in India

Domain Registration: For setting up an eCommerce website in India, the first step is to choose a impressive domain name which is relevant, simple easy-to-understand and easy-to-be-recalled.

Web Hosting Provider: Choosing the web hosting provider in India which can provide you high speed and availability with 99.99% network up-time, redundancy, data storage, RAM etc. will impact your eCommerce website the most.

Web Werks is one of the best hosting providers in India with 5 state of art Tier III & Tier IV data centers spread across the globe. With 99.99% up-time SLA guarantee and all the latest technologies, and infrastructure, Web Werks has served 15000+clientele (including Fortune 500 brands, giant business houses as well as Government bodies). Wide array of services include data center services, web designing, eCommerce solutions, SEO, digital marketing and all IT management solutions.

eCommerce software: Choosing the right software among multiple options available is quite difficult. However, to ease your decision making you can consider software reviews, compare usability, security, updates, installation and other features. You should only go for the most compatible software which will suit your business set up.

Payment method: This too is an integral part of eCommerce website because you are catering to the online users who spend maximum of their time over internet and prefer online transactions over physical transfers. Security is the most important concern while choosing payment method for your eCommerce website because a single security error/breach may break all the trust gained and even bring bad name. So make sure you meet all the security standards of online payment methods.

Website Display: Anything aesthetically pleasant is bound to catch eyeballs, so display settings including template, graphics, theme etc. on your eCommerce website should be meticulously done.

You should also ensure following things on your eCommerce Website:

Content: More the content on your website will be relevant and unique, more it will drive traffic. Use clean product description with enough white space on your website.

Speed: Choosing the best data center hosting providers will ensure you the fast speed and quick loading of your eCommerce Website.

Avoid TMI: Too much information and design element clutter should be avoided. eCommerce website should be simple, clean and organized.

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