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Running Kubernetes On Bare Metals: The Right Choice For Critical Enterprise Workloads?


The rapid digitisation ushered in by the pandemic has witnessed organisations shifting their mission-critical workloads to the Cloud. The rush to migrate to the Cloud is so fast that Gartner estimates that nearly 95% of the new digital workloads will be managed on Cloud-native platforms by 2025.

As more and more organisations shift their critical digital assets to the Cloud, the focus shifts to getting the best performance from their Cloud investments. While multi-tenant usage is seen as a major advantage of Cloud computing, organisations having heavy-duty technology need a more dedicated Cloud infrastructure to operate smoothly.

This is where Bare Metal servers come into the picture. By dedicating physical servers in a Data Center exclusively for a single tenant or application, a Bare Metal infrastructure enables enterprises to significantly boost their Cloud performance. But then comes the question of gaining better control over your entire technology architecture deployed on Bare Metals.

The answer to this question is Kubernetes. By leveraging Kubernetes on Bare Metals, enterprises can unlock the seamless performance advantage of their Cloud ecosystem while ensuring that workload management remains disruption-free.

Running Kubernetes on Bare Metals on an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model offered by Data Center providers can help businesses empower their digital applications and enjoy the perks of dedicated Cloud hardware without relying on virtual machines.

Let us examine the key benefits of using Kubernetes on Bare Metals:

1. Lower Costs

  • Contrary to the notion that the Bare Metal approach is expensive, leveraging Kubernetes allows organisations to manage their Cloud ecosystem at lower costs on dedicated hardware.
  • The elimination of the virtualization layer means that there is no need for virtualization software licenses, management overheads, and maintenance costs. Your digital applications get access directly to powerful hardware thus eliminating the extra effort of hypervisors from a virtual machine setup. This results in applications completing their processing and computing cycles faster, thereby saving infrastructure running costs.

2. Improved Performance

  • With a Bare Metal infrastructure, Kubernetes containers have direct access to the processing as well as RAM resources. When container-hosted applications have dedicated hardware nodes to run on, they deliver their fullest potential without worrying about resource crunch.
  • For heavy-duty workloads like multimedia projects or AI-driven computing models, such a dedicated hardware-container combination delivers maximum performance. The low latency in a Bare Metal environment makes it a perfect choice for emerging digital innovations powered by 5G and IoT.
  • More specifically, the potential of innovations like Edge computing can be fully realised when Bare Metals are made the preferred choice of deployment for node clusters in an Edge network.

3. Dynamic Workload Support

  • Traditionally, virtual machines use virtualization software to manage resource utilisation and configure CPUs for a wide variety of use-cases.
  • However, such configurations often have a general principle that is followed depending on the potential usage behaviour of applications. As more enterprises shift to digital channels as their primary mode of business, there are several instances where each application or module may require specific workload supporting configurations for the underlying Cloud infrastructure.
  • In such cases, virtual machines will be comparatively slow or ineffective in determining this need as they also have to manage resource optimization for other tenants or applications. With Kubernetes hosted application containers deployed on Bare Metals, this challenge is easily solved. Enterprises are given full control to design specific workload-based configurations that can be easily customised for varying demands. This gives Kubernetes on Bare Metals a highly competitive edge when enterprises chose it for their Cloud journey.

4. Holistic Control

  • With Kubernetes on Bare Metals, enterprises have total control over both their software and hardware. They are not constrained by hypervisor reservations on computing resources nor have to deal with the complex networking framework in a multi-tenant Cloud infrastructure.
  • The simplified network also translates into faster trouble-shooting and better automation of services running on the Cloud. It becomes easier to pinpoint sources of issues and set in place automation routines since no external software or network protocols need to be considered. The entire stack of software and hardware belongs to the enterprise and thus it has full control.

5. Enhanced Security

  • Opting for Bare Metals entitles organisations to make a call on end-to-end security policies and protocols that will be deployed across their digital landscape. From encryption standards to access privileges and resource utilisation credentials, there is total control for enterprises with respect to both hardware and software interfaces.
  • This allows them to build custom security protocols and frameworks at both software and hardware level for every container-hosted application since it runs entirely on a rented Bare Metal server with full usage rights.

To Sum It Up

  • Kubernetes on Bare Metals provides a plethora of possibilities that enterprises can explore to create winning digital experiences. From simplified management to improved latency, running your critical workloads with Kubernetes containers deployed on Bare Metal servers is a beneficial decision.
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