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Revamping Web Security and Speed for Boosting Business Performance


Maintaining a position on top has been one of the persistent challenges for every organization. But it's not easy to achieve heights in this technology-driven era, where users are constantly looking for new, innovative trend. Among the demands, the most dominant one that comes is the need for better web security and speed, and in this tech-savvy world, organizations it's only wise for any enterprise to deliver what the consumers looks upon for. While security breeds trust, speed develops better user experience and building organization's value, they need to consider these crucial aspects.


According to a research firm, data breaches and DDoS attacks are among the major threats for businesses, which they come across on a daily basis. While data breaches steal sensitive data and information, DDoS attacks render websites and services inaccessible, interrupting operational activities. Not only large enterprises, but small and mid-sized businesses, all are equally vulnerable to these attacks. Here are few ways you can take into account to improve security aspect:

  • Use SSL for your web services. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer that establishes a secured connection between the web server and the end-users' browser, thus encrypting data flow between the network.

  • Install DDoS security solutions that will help you monitor the traffic flow and control access to your website. DDoS protection solutions monitors traffic to your website and filters malicious sources.

  • In case you are using third-party APIs for features such as payment gateways, make sure to strictly follow all the essential configurations and practices.

  • Deploy additional security measures such as anti-virus, anti-malware, web firewall applications as well as internal security.

  • Consider dedicating a set of professionals for intense oversight concerning existing data security threats.


Businesses have to face the ever-changing demands of customers. Online users expects websites to load faster and deliver them results instantly, without having to wait for longer time. When it comes to generating business revenues online, speed is the key since higher the speed, faster the page loads, resulting in better consumer experience. The average load time is 2 – 3 seconds, and if you site is taking too long to load fully, then you may business can get affected.

According to survey, 50% of users expect websites to load quickly and if not, they are likely to abandon it and 80% users who experience poor web performance never re-visit the site. Here are a few approaches to handle these issues.

  • Migrate to a better web hosting solution. If you are on a shared server, consider moving to VPS as more the resources you add, the better your website will perform.

  • Optimizing website images, removing error pages, reducing redirects, turning off not-in-use plugins, and most importantly, doing a virus scan can altogether help improve website speed.

  • CDNs are another crucial aspect that contributes to improve overall web performance. CDNs caches data and content in servers situated globally. So when an Internet user requests for your website, the CDN nearest responds to the request, thus reducing latency and improving efficiency.

In conclusion, both web security and speed is vital for the performance on any business. Organization have experienced significant growth in sales and conversion due to their websites’ high-level execution. So, it’s time you start managing your own website with the finest services.

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