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Renewable Energy Resources Empowering Green Data Centers


As the data center costs have surged, IT professionals are finding ways that could help in bringing down the rising expenses. Data center managers have tried their hands at different approaches in order to reduce energy cost, but renewable energy resources have its own privileges over its equivalent.

Currently, the amount of data being generated (including digital content and data produced via IoT devices) is high that is demanding for more IT infrastructures, which is definitely standing as a major challenge for data center providers.

Green resources = Improved efficiency

Researches show that nearly 2% of greenhouse gas is released from modern data centers, which is equivalent to the emission from aviation industries. The proportion of carbon footprint will surge simultaneously with the increasing count of data centers. In order to restrict the growth of greenhouse gas emission, data centers are adopting green initiatives such as the Green Grid to minimize the emission growth.

However, moving to Green Grid doesn’t solve the environmental issues unless a higher ratio of data centers promises to use sustainable resources (wind, solar) to power their infrastructures. Besides, using green sources to empower the electricity need of the data center also builds value in the market, as it reflects the service providers’ commitment and support towards protecting the environment from harmful conditions.

Powering data centers with Eco-friendly resources means cutting-down unwanted IT costs. But before you move ahead with the sustainable strategies to boost efficiency, understand the different techniques. Here are a few of them:

  • Energy Star-rated UPS systems tends to deliver 95% of efficiency considering the overall load. While most of the energy is eaten up by UPS systems only in the data center, initiating highly-efficient system lowers down the inefficiencies.
  • Hot aisle/cold aisle containment works to remove hot air from the internal environment and builds up more cold air inside. This technique consumes less energy that makes it a reliable choice for promoting efficiency.
  • Using LED lighting consumes nearly 80% of less electricity than the other lighting systems.
  • Brushless Electric DC Motors run more efficiently than the conventional AC motor or belt-driven fans.

Often data center managers overlook this potential necessity of IT infrastructure considering it the responsibility of the CIOs and that’s an unethical code. IT professionals expecting to see their data centers run efficiently need to put in all their efforts that can help achieve the target. It is ultimately going to benefit the business and the environment.

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