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Realizing the Benefits of the SDN & NFV Revolution


The world is now digital and communication has become a crucial part of the digitized lifestyle. As most people are using cloud solutions, they also need high network availability to stay connected. Besides, a range of modern gadgets and devices are stepping into the market and its users are demanding strong connectivity for processing online applications. Although, scaling up operations and resources in a cost-effective and money-making approach can help, but it is not as simple and resilient as it seems.

Software-Defined Network and Network Function Virtualization are two most popular concepts in the network domain. These well-defined technologies support network service providers by boosting network availability and improving infrastructure productivity. Here is how it benefits services providers:

Benefits of SDN and NFV

  • Reduces CapEx: One of the major benefits of SDN and NFV is that it reduces capital expenditure since it offers pay-as-grow facility, so most probably you don’t have to literally purchase any dedicated servers hardware. Besides, network configuration can be done from any remote location with the assistance of Network Function Virtualization. There is no need for your technicians to be physically present at the site for the purpose of administration, maintenance or installation since all the significant tasks can be performed remotely, further providing a significant opportunity for service provider to save IT expenses.
  • Provides Room for Improvements: The network market is vast and evolving rapidly. SDN enables you to make potential alterations to the existing services, develop infrastructure and implement new applications to meet the ever-increasing demands of customers and change business objectives. NFV supports this particular initiative by quickly scaling or modifying services to address customer requirements.
  • Creation of New Applications and Services: In order to escalate ROI, organizations must ensure to provide something new to the audience by creating and offering new applications and services. Transforming business modules can take the organization a step ahead and promote their market value. A business should always focus on delivering more to customers, than simply improving business functions. NFV lessens the time to install new application and services so that it can quickly respond to the market demands. Moreover, it also reduces the risk factors involved with implementing new services as it allows service providers to create, install and scrutinize the services to interpret what best suits their requirements.
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