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Private Cloud Hosting Advantages


In Private cloud hosting, the hosting platform is housed under the control of enterprise IT department in the in-house firewall. The cloud hosting resources are dedicated to a single user. The network resources in private cloud hosting are managed internally or it might even be outsourced. This is why sometimes, private cloud is also called as Corporate Cloud or Internal Cloud.

There are several advantages of private cloud hosting for corporate.

  • Added confidentiality: Private cloud hosting is highly secured due to private network and restricted access. The internal firewalls and customized security settings provides with added privacy and confidentiality to the user.
  • Added Controls: Private cloud server also comes with the advantages of administrative control. Private cloud hosting offers well managed and customized secured hosting environment. The user is also free to customize the configurations and hardware management according to the business requirements.
  • ROI: Corporate operating in private cloud environment also generate a great revenue upon the cost incurred on private cloud. High ROI can be achieved by smartly optimizing private cloud resource allocation. Smart optimization of private cloud server can also lead to 100% network uptime.
  • Reliable: This is very important for organizations to run in a reliable hosting environment for seamless IT operations. Private cloud hosting is one of such secured, stable and reliable hosting options.
  • Green hosting: With private cloud hosting and virtualization, the carbon footprint is reduced to a great extent making private cloud hosting highly energy-efficient solution.
  • 24x7x365 Tech Support: A dedicated team of tech-professionals will assist the user for any technical troubleshooting around the clock.
  • Flexibility: Moreover, with private cloud hosting, the user can flex the control settings and load of their cloud server according to applications and usage. Private cloud hosting offers flexibility to make changes as per their choice pertaining and business needs.
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