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On-Premise vs. Cloud Solution: Which is more effective?


In the recent times, cloud has been trending a lot for all the good reasons. But the debate over on-premises IT and cloud solutions will never come to an end. Often organizations make a haste to move to the cloud environment assuming that it is a more cost-effective option for hosting applications. But they fail to understand that not every application is meant to be stored on the cloud and migrating those application may cost you more than you think.

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CIOs of the organizations plays a lead role in deciding where the business needs to go. Is cloud the right choice or would on-premise IT house prove beneficial?

Organizations are quick in adopting cloud solutions because they definitely understand its privileges over the traditional technologies. Moreover, consuming only what you require and paying only for the resources you use seems to be the most economical option and best way to increase efficiency.

But experts claim that not every application require public cloud as these are not suitable to run in a public cloud environment and the reason could vary from financial to technical. So, to keep from paying more, organizations must smartly determine their application cost on an on-premise data center vs. cloud ecosystem.

Many applications are strictly coupled to a database, or most of them would demand a massive amount of redevelopment work to operate efficiently in a cloud environment, are best if they are left running on-premise says David Linthicum, senior VP at Cloud Technology Partners. He further adds that certain applications were designed less efficient and running it on cloud servers means more consumption of resources, ultimately causing high IT outlay. Linthicum gives a good example of this by comparing the applications to an outdated refrigerator, which will only eat up more power than the new model.

But there are many organizations thinking that they can easily move their existing applications to a cloud vendor, failing to recognize the mental shift that's needed when migrating to cloud. However, the migration process tends to be more complicated than it seems and it also involves high finance investment. Thus, organizations must first understand the reasons for moving applications to the public cloud environment. If there are compelling reasons, then organizations must take a step ahead to evaluating the requirements including cost comparison.

So the whole comparison boils down to one thing, which is whether the application is a fit to run in the cloud environment, or determining the time it will consume to redesign it.

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