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An Overview of Cloud Reseller Hosting


Beginners might be struggling to understand the exact meaning of cloud reseller hosting and its economic benefits. Reseller hosting is the process of using the hard disk space allotted by the web host and renting a chunk of storage and bandwidth with other users. The resources shared are provided under the account holder’s name and not the web hosting company.

Cloud Reseller hosting may not work outstandingly for everyone and thus, the opinions are distinct. Nonetheless, if you don’t have abundant knowledge about reseller hosting, take your time to grasp the information and then making the decision.

It is suitable for…

Number of various companies that are interested in reselling the cloud hosting products and services they use. However, these are good enough for web developers and designers with a host of clients that are looking for hosting options, digital marketing agencies wanting to speed up client-based websites or IT firms that want to deliver clients all-inclusive solutions. But companies apart from these spheres can also use the reseller hosting option.

What benefits it has to offer?

  • Ease of establishing a website as loads of web developing tool supports this process such as catalog builder, CMS, etc. and these can be controlled via administrative interface.
  • With the flexibility to customize hosting plans for your customers, you can price the services based on your profit margin and gain more benefits of it. You can design the hosting plans as per client’s needs.
  • Cloud reseller web host can set up an automated technique for payment like billing via email. If not that, there are multiple options available to choose from that includes other online payment mode.
  • Gives remote control and access to the account.
  • Price is the biggest advantage. Reseller web hosts can sell more packages, while reaping high profits of it.

What to expect from the hosting provider?

Most important is uptime guarantee, as you certainly don’t want your business to come at halt even for a minute. In addition, look if they deliver round-the-clock technical support, provides best online approaches to make the payments, allows you to scale your business and offers cloud server nodes at low price.

Final word

Reseller hosting is an ideal choice for small companies as the risk investment is usually low. So they can sell their packages and earn sound benefit.

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