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Organizations Need to Revisit Their Security Strategies


With the exponential increase in cyber threats, consumers are getting more concerned about their data being poorly protected. It's not a surprise for organizations or data center service providers to consider modifications in the current security functions to develop a better and improved security services, especially for securing mobile data. Despite of cybercrime growing at an unprecedented rate, many organizations have left things to take its own course.

Here are a few reasons that organizations are giving regarding why there is no need to reconsider their security strategies.

  • All the data and applications are encrypted : Software encryption is one of the most basic part of data security mainly because its is cost-effective and easier to implement, update and scale. Although encryption plays a crucial role, it is a bit complex and organizations may find it slowing down their systems and reducing its efficiency level. However, there's another level of encryption, which is password encrypted. Service providers may recommend on generating a tough password, but users may want to create something that is easy to remember. If it happens that the user write this password down somewhere or creates the passwords that is already being used for other accounts, it may make it easier for hacker to make their way in. Thus, if encryption is not utilized appropriately, it could cause significant threat to the organizations data.
  • The data will be overwritten if the device is lost : Many organization often claim that they are able to delete data from a remote location, but that's not always true. Because of various reasons, it tends to happen 50% of the time. To overwrite the data, devices requires to be connected to the internet in order to receive instruction to perform the activity. If the device is not connected to the Internet, it will allow the hacker to sneak in and compromise your data. So service providers need to focus on a concept that would enable deleting data remotely without internet connection.
  • All our data is stored on the cloud : Cloud solutions have proven its value in the industry, but data stored in cloud is always secure is not so true. With BYOD concept, employees are able to access company data from any device, from anywhere and at any time. However, what you don't know is that the BYOD devices you use to access data may not be secure and it may upload infected data into the cloud, thus leading to compromised data.

These security concepts are surely to encounter some serious changes and take the security functions to another level for better data protection.

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