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Optimize Your Cloud Network Performance


Bandwidth quality and speed matters a lot when it comes to cloud migration. Moving data and applications to the cloud is considerably effortless procedure with proper planning, but the easy process can become a difficult task if you've failed to take into account the networking aspect. Without proper network design and connection, cloud elasticity means nothing as the network needs to effectively manage the workload. IT managers need to recognize its users and traffic in order to make sure cloud apps deliver.

As organizations take a step to optimize their networks to align it with their cloud platforms, they need to consider certain potential strategies. This consists of –

  • WAN Optimization – WAN optimizations defines the bunch of approaches built to manage and accelerate the flow of data by lessening inefficiencies and redundancies in traffic. This further helps reduce overall web traffic demands. Caching, deduplication and compression are some of the standard WAN optimization techniques.
  • Broadband bonding – With a significant increase in Internet traffic, every business can access fiber broadband solution to promote throughput and using the alternatives such as dedicated leased connections or MPLS can be on the extremely costly side. Broadband networks prove to be highly beneficial for SMB and large businesses as it provides high bandwidth at affordable rates. But due to the limitations of broadband circuits, the effectiveness of broadband connection becomes limited as well. Broadband bonding lets you can integrate a number of broadband and Internet connections into a unified connection that offers scalability solution and complete fault tolerance.
  • WAN traffic management – Often organizations fail to effectively control and monitor traffic, which results in wastage of network resources plus network inefficiencies. Moreover, migrating to the cloud will only aggravate the issue. Introducing WAN traffic management can be helpful in several ways as it makes use of different techniques that includes traffic shaping, traffic monitoring, which overall enhances the efficiency of the network.
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