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Open SSL and Dedicated Server hosting Security


Open SSL is the combination of SSL and TLS computer networking protocols. It is basically used for network security with a set of encryption tools for encoding the data communications over the internet. Open SSL is dual licensed with Open SSL as well as SSKeay license. Open SSL is validated from national institute of standard and technology's Cryptographic module validation program under FIPS 140-2 computer security standard.

Vulnerabilities of open SSL

According to reputed sources, approx two thirds of websites are using this open SSL security which was severely affected recently by an intrusive element called Heartbleed. Most of the organizations including Google, Yahoo, Facebook and many other popular heavy traffic websites discovered it and started their efforts to fix it. Actually, it was so hazardous that experts recommended not even to change passwords until the security issue is fixed because it posed chances of new passwords getting hacked.

The web hosting providers need to timely update their open SSL version for dedicated server and virtual dedicated server clients. The clients need to be instructed on the security updates, so as to avoid any hazardous affects on the network.

To strengthen the Open SSL security, Dedicated server clients may also rekey their SSL certificate by following the below instructions:

When You can request Re-key certificate

  • Web server crash issue
  • Server migration
  • Loss of key
  • Upgrading SSL encryption level

Prerequisites for Open SSL Re-key Request

  • The dedicated server or VPS client needs to request re-key SSL certificate.

Steps to obtain re-key to open SSL certificate

  • Sign in to your account manager
  • Go to SSL certificate and choose the option “manage”
  • Go to the status under the heading of Actions
  • Now Choose Manage
  • Choose Re-key certificate
  • Now save and exit

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