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Open source Cloud technology over Paid Technologies


Cloud computing found its active evolution, growth and utility in the year 2000. Then after, cloud technology has greatly popularized and today it is one of the most preferable web hosting and storage options. Cloud computing is considered as the future of web hosting and storage technologies. Cloud hosting is built on multiple clustered servers, connected together through network. It uses virtualization platform from distributed computer network which prevents any data loss.

Open source Cloud vs. Paid cloud

When it comes to Cloud computing decisions, the user usually gets confused while choosing between open source cloud and paid cloud options. Many technical blogs and articles might recommend one source over another but user should always see his business requirements and match it with the offerings. Open source cloud technology might cover the IT needs of many business but not all. Similarly, paid cloud might suit the budget of some businesses but for others it may be a big dent in their budget. Below is a brief comparison of open source cloud technology over paid.

  • The biggest advantage with open cloud source is that it's available free of cost. This means you can easily and freely download and configure as many solutions as you want for your cloud on the machine. While paid cloud on the contrast incurs price as it provides extended services, more offerings and better quality. Generally, paid cloud follows the pay-per-use model of payment which makes it a reasonable offering, not too pricey or expensive.
  • With paid cloud hosting, the user gets bound with the limited functionality that are covered under the offering. In simple words, there is lack of flexibility. Whereas with open source cloud, the user can modify the functions with little assistance from its technical team to suit the business requirements.

Among the debates on open source cloud technology over paid, it is not right to follow the recommendations which claim one to be better over another; because both have their unique functionality, advantages and disadvantages. So, it's better to understand your business needs, IT budget and then choose between open source cloud technology or the paid cloud solutions.

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