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Next Round of Data Center Planning and Migration


Data centers are operating in dynamic environment where the applications, hardware, server operations and entire technological ecology is changing constantly. Even clients are changing their way of looking at the IT and data center services. The reason behind their altered perspective is their changing web and IT requirements.

The service level ranges from standard and generic IT services to client-oriented revenue generating IT services. Basically, 'Differentiation' matters! Differentiation in the core application and constant developments in the IT based services lead to revenue generation for the enterprises.

Data Migration

Experts believe that the ability to innovate in the current IT scenario is the key source to generate increased economic growth.

Data migration from the current source to upgraded one is a part of these ever changing IT landscape. Data center planning and migration is however a challenging task as few risks are involved. Nevertheless, the risk level can be mitigated if the web hosting providers are agile and updated enough with the latest technological developments.

To successfully migrate large data center in a cost efficient way and by sustaining availability, the hosting providers need to take up an effective and planned approach.

  • A clear understanding of applications, servers and other instrumental resources along with their interconnections will enable the IT administrator to plan out proper migration strategy and map. Keynotes should be planned which will enable the transition administrator to decide which all IT assets can be grouped together to move along and which needs to be moved in isolation. This not only optimizes the migration project but also the risks/errors are minimized and the it is processed in organized way.
  • Once everything on the Migration Map is moved and installed to the new source/device, cross-check against the list to ensure all the systems and applications are running properly. Basis this, evaluate the data migration process for the future.
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