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Multiple bandwidth carriers is a must in Data Centers. Why ?


Internet has radically transformed the whole world and now it has become a smaller place where everyone is connected in one network. Internet has opened new windows for infinite possibilities. Communication challenges due to geographical distance has been omitted and it also led to IT boom. There are many ISPs, web hosting companies and data center services providers coming up to serve the enterprises with web servers, data storage techniques, fast web processing and other such IT infrastructure management solutions for their businesses expansion.

Let's see why should you choose data centers with multiple bandwidth carrier?

  • Freedom of choice: Data centers with multiple bandwidth carrier offer freedom of choice to its users. It offers services from different ISPs, so the users are free to choose their desired network carrier.
  • Redundancy: A data center with multiple bandwidth carrier allows customers to be able to access data 24x7 and ensure business continuity. IT standard guidelines typically recommend at least two carriers to prevent any contingency, so if one of the networks fails, it can immediately switch over to the other functional carriers.
  • Cost Benefits: Different internet network carriers are offered at different price packages. So, when your website is hosted in a data center with multiple bandwidth carrier, you have an option to switch over from one carrier to another offering you cost-efficiency.
  • Flexibility: Not only cost aspects, but network features also vary from carrier to carrier. With multiple bandwidth carrier in data centers, user gain flexibility in terms of trying the services of various ISPs. In fact, if the user wishes to switch to other ISP, it can be easily done, without physically moving the server to other location.
  • Reliability: Network can suffer downtime quite often due to various unavoidable reasons. However, you can minimize the impact of such network downtime if your server is housed in a carrier neutral data center. Data centers with multiple bandwidth carrier has multiple ISPs under one umbrella, so they offer high levels of network redundancy.

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