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The most effective method to construct best data center foundation limit plans


Effectiveness and efficiency of data center is rooted right in its build, design, methods of construction and infrastructure models. The CIOs and CTOs at data centers are already combating the challenges of managing power efficiency, optimum resource/asset utilization, cost savings and operational efficiency; the ever-changing IT landscape is exerting further pressure on them.

The industry needs to sustain with the pace of dynamic technologies to match the requirements for cooling, power, storage and other essential data center infrastructure. Besides, energy conservation is another important aspect of data centers today. Data center providers are putting their best foot forward in minimizing their carbon footprint.

Below are the effective methods to construct best data center foundation

  • Modular Designs: Data center infrastructure is getting more advanced every year with addition of new technologies, new frameworks and new network and server complexities along with more compact storage systems. Modular data center designs will allow flexibility and agility to easily adapt to latest technologies by adding and removing the building block when and as required.
  • Storage convergence: In data centers, many a times, storage assets remain non-utilized causing wastage of huge investment. Besides, it also leads to unnecessary power consumption, cooling and space occupancy. Pruning the storage devices by lowering the cost of ownership, combined with centralized administration and control will ensure storage convergence. Also, combination of functions i.e. storage and computing on single device will lead to optimum utilization of resources and capabilities.
  • Virtualization is the key: Cost-efficient virtualization strategies help in creating additional space without any surplus power consumption and cooling. Apart from cost saving, it is manageable through easy to use interface.
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