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The Most Convincing Reasons to Consider Real Time Database Replication Solutions


Data Center Servers provide disaster- recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) formulated to backup critical business data when the worst situation happens. However, disaster recovery and real-time database replication are often considered as similar terms. Disaster recovery is a backup service, while real time is for availability. Real-time database replication enables replicating data immediately to more than one location after its production. The technique efficiently manages business data growth, effectively utilizes resources, promotes availability, while also generates more revenue for the company. Apart from integration, replication also synchronizes the copied data that allow updates performed on any one replica to reflect on all. Large industries require replication as much as small and medium sized businesses do. Apparently, it is used to address a plethora of data related requirements of the modern businesses. Below are some considerations that define the necessity of this term. Read to know why your business needs it.

Why do you need real-time Database replication?

Since a replicated environment is created, each user has their own dedicated copy of business applications and documents that makes functioning much convenient, which further results in increased speed and performance of main server. In addition, replication ensures availability even in the advent of server downtime that maintains business continuity. With real-time replication, you can uplift testing potentiality as it takes you to the niche base of realizing the functions that could benefit. Addition of new applications can either optimize performance or in turn compromise. Moreover, it will also allow you to realize whether to treat the glitches before the entire data is sent out to production database. Identifying technical issues and bugs is easier with replication that further lets you minimize node failure. Replication is designed to deliver greater availability, upsurge parallelism, and speed up process without incurring heavy movement over network. Organizations understand the core essence of replication as it reduces operational costs, minimizes downtime, secures data and builds value in the competitive market. In short, real-time database replication has its own set of privileges and to gain maximum benefits, companies must consider applying it.

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