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Modernization of Data Centers compared to the one's setup in the 90's


Data centers are on-site facilities designed specially for data storage, computing and hosting. The data center infrastructure makes the favorable settings for placing servers, hardware, telecom systems and other computing machines. Besides, the facility also has security and risk control mechanisms. Moreover, the data center have redundant power supply, server and network back up to sustain business continuity of the enterprises.

The history of data center started with the invention of computing technology. Below is the tale of Modernization of Data Centers compared to the one's setup in the 90's:

The decades of 90's:

  • Early 90s- large mainframe computers occupying too much of space were replaced by the smaller computers, usually referred as microcomputers. The server rooms were now termed as data centers. Soon people saw the world wide web revolution leading to demand for internet connectivity increased and organizations had larger no. of servers.
  • Mid 90's: Since the number of servers were increasing so by the middle of 1990's, there arisen the need for storing these servers, overall data storage and hosting services. This was exactly when the concept of data center services took shape.
  • Late 90's: Introduction of virtualization technology and Vmware made virtual PC possible, initially on Windows operating system and later it supported other OS too.

Generation Z

  • Early 2000s: The era of 2000 was the beginning of Generation Z literally. It started with dynamic computing technologies. Bare-metal hypervisors came into existence which could be functional directly on the web server without any underlying OS.

    Amazon web services offered cloud services that paved the way for better storage and next level of computing technologies.

  • Mid 2000s: Web hosting services and IT management infrastructure services started being offered to the businesses.
  • 2010 – today: Many IT management providers have come up with modular, energy efficient and economical data centers as initiative to check global warming.

IT Giants like Google and Facebook made another revolutionary move with huge capital investment in IT infrastructure and data center network.

Today the focus of data center industry is towards cost control, energy efficiency, consolidating technologies and expanding the capabilities of cloud computing.

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