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Modern Technology - Blessing or Curse for Our Brain?


Agree or no we live in a society which is powered by technology. We are in constant touch with this virtual world through our tabs, smart phones, laptops. Research indicates that prolonged exposure to these devices is not only changing the way we work and play, it is also dramatically affecting the way we think. Few people say that use of the internet, social media and computer games are having a negative impact on the user.

It makes human less social interactive and dependent; even affecting their personal identity. But the research doesn't totally support this perspective. There is surely many positive traits as well! Today because of technology we are connected to different part of this world. We can learn things instantly. We are connecting with our old friends and making the new one and so on. The pros list are endless.

So, if you ask me, does modern technology is changing the way our brains work, I will say, 'definitely yes!' We are in an era where we have outsourced our memory to Google, GPS, calendar alerts and calculators. Now you don't have to remember these facts. You just have to concentrate on how to use it. With pros, there are certainly few cons as well. Let's talk about them in brief.

  • Pros: No more physical efforts. With the help of technology, most of the physical work can be done easily. As a result, you don't get tired easily. Technology provides more efficiency in less time and less cost. With the use of technology, the scale of error in output has drastically come down. You can trust the result if the input is correct. The contribution towards the security tools and machinery can't be ignored. Our electronic gadgets are much more secure now. The health sector has also seen remarkable growth. Resulting in more lifespan of humans.
  • Cons: As physical efforts have come down. People are suffering from more health issues. The scale of unemployment has increased because technology has decreased the need for human power and multitasking can be done. On one hand, technology has given us high secured gadget and networks. On the other hand, it has also given us many modes to gap them. One of the major cons could be what it is doing to the environment, 'our mother nature'. Technologies like the vehicle are polluting and using valuable non-renewable sources.
  • My Take: Even before digital technology, history had raised the questions about television and even machines possibly leading to the decline of civilization. Sociologist William Ogburn in 1934 spoke about the machine age natives who had lost connection with nature and tradition, and who were divorce prone. Humans have always had a symbiotic relationship with technology. After all, they are the father/inventor of it.

And a father always knows where to draw a line for his child. What I want to say is that as a human we should use technology in order to grow as an individual and making life simple. Not to make a destructive and unhealthy environment. At the same time, this technology can be used to in-order to make Earth more safe and healthy planet. It's on us how we want to use technology. So, choose wisely!

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