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The Models of New Data Center Design


‘No data center is created equal’ is the well-known slogan in the IT world. If all the data centers were created equal, the competitive business edge would become stagnant. Data center are developed by putting into effect the ideas and strategies, strategies that are distinct and designed to promote safety, reliability and accessibility.

Adhering to best practices ensures that you are giving everything in to maintain the efficient atmosphere. Data centers evolve on the basis on demands that is placed in front of the service provider by the customers. The infrastructure is structured to meet the business specifics and thus, the architecture matters in terms of efficiency. This blog stretches to explain the designs models and the type that can work great for data centers. Some of the commonly followed principles are raised floor/access floor, aisle containment and modular. Here is a brief:

Raised floor/Access Floor

Raised floor promotes better flow of air in the space and hides the mess of cables neatly into a more managed approach. It is highly suitable for the environment that requires mainframe. However, while implementing the raised floors make sure you follow the right guidelines to do it correctly. For instance, the slab levelness is a crucial factor to consider, as uneven base can flex when weight is added. Use the right tools to get the things done.

Hot aisle/cold aisle containment

Aisle containment is a big power-saving source that can reduce up to 40% of energy wastage and helps in cooling the heavily packed environment more effectively. Besides, it is flexible, especially beneficial for colocation, as they can easily configure based on their requirements.


While most big enterprises face restrictions while scaling up or deploying new data center, modular eliminates the issue. Containerized/modular facility can be easily deployed and demands for lesser physical support. Moreover, cut down initial and operational cost that saves you the overhead.

There are multiple options to choose from such as CIOs can opt for both raised floor and slab, thus creating hybrid infrastructure. However, the aforementioned models will help companies in creating the plan to meet efficiency and sustainability level.

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