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Migrating From Complex UNIX Architecture to Linux Environment


Organizations are migrating from UNIX to Linux in an effort to obtain an efficient, reliable and cost-effective source and data centers environment. But the question here is that is it really worth taking the big plunge and adopting Linux? Will shifting to Linux add any financial benefit?

Well, Linux has always maintained its position high enough in the market and has remained as an alternative to all the established operating systems. Transiting from UNIX will generate more ROI, if the company ensures to integrate the OS for the right reasons to their environment. The better the Linux environment is implemented, the more are the chances of receiving profitable outcome.

The driving force behind the migration

Data centers have always been pressurized to reduce IT expenditure and cost, without compromising service efficiency and this demand is foreseen to become even intense. The ultimate objective of IT organizations is to get more of the upfront investment and the result has been the companies that shifted their core business to Linux made some valuable profit statement. In addition, businesses also experienced drastic changes in the performance level.

Why companies migrate to Linux?

  • For some users, it is their affection towards Linux, whereas for others, Linux is simply an appealing choice to save money because it is a free alternative. Migrating to Linux just for the sake of cost benefits is something irrelevant. Linux holds much more advantages than its competitors provide, and has been serving clientele globally with its exceptional offerings.
  • Some of the main reasons that have leveled up the rate of transition are that it is quite effective and scales up with the changing business atmosphere. It streamlines business processes and with its high availability feature, ensures to maintain business continuity. Moreover, some users consider Linux solutions to run it on blade servers and experience blade technology
  • The bottom line is companies that are stuck between financial decision (to reduce cost) and strategic plan (to gain more outcome) are more likely to adapt Linux. Besides, studies also claim that enterprises running in UNIX will be largely migrated to Linux systems in the near future.
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