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Is Managed VPS Hosting better than Unmanaged ?


VPS hosting is opted by many users because it offers affordability, cost efficiency, and several advantages of dedicated servers at a very small price. The users who have selected VPS hosting for their business website, they have to make further choice related to management and administration of VPS. They can either choose managed VPS service or unmanaged VPS depending upon the technical expertise available at their end.

Let's observe the differences between managed and unmanaged VPS in detail


Managed vps hosting is a kind of Virtual server hosting Plan where the web hosting services include administration, maintenance, monitoring, updates, management and higher levels of support for your Virtual Private Server. Managed VPS will incur fees.

Unmanaged VPS is the VPS hosting plan are meant for the users who do not require additional administration and management services and they choose to self manage the server.

Advantages of Managed VPS:

  • The user can concentrate on the core business as the technical issues are fully managed by the experts at the end of Web hosting providers
  • High degree of Security is ensured as web hosting provider have premium security measures
  • Fault-proven infrastructure of the web services provider guarantees the user with high availability
  • 24x7x365 expert technical support
  • Amazing back up and data restoration facility
  • User can scale up the VPS services in accordance with changing IT needs
  • Enable database migration with no downtime

Disadvantages of managed vps server:

  • Quality never comes for free, so price is involved in managed vps server
  • It takes quite some time in set-up and configuration in case of manged VPS.
  • Usually, user doesn't have the full control as the hosting provider is managing their VPS

Recommended to: The organizations which can afford an additional cost in exchange of peace of mind with Quality VPS management and administration, then managed VPS is recommended to such organizations.

Advantages of Unmanaged VPS:

  • No-to-small costs involved
  • The user has full technical and administration control over VPS
  • Flexible VPS providers allows user for scaling VPS services according to changing business requirements
  • Good speed can be obtained even by self-managed VPS
  • There is no sharing of resources as user is the sole administrator

Disadvantages of Unmanaged VPS:

  • Unmanaged VPS needs in-house technical expertise for administering and managing the VPS
  • Hiring tech-experts will rather involve more costs than the monthly fees for professionally managed VPS.

Recommended to: If the organization is low on budget and have few in-house technical experts to manage VPS, then self-managed VPS is recommended to such businesses.

It is hard to say whether managed VPS is better than Unmanaged VPS because the virtual server remains the same, the difference comes in the terms of management and technical administration services. Choose the provider that allows hardware customization and offers 99.99% server uptime SLA guarantee.

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