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Magento Hosting: Managed vs. Unmanaged Servers.


Are you running a big e-commerce store or an online shopping portal? Magento is usually recommended to the business owners for its exceptional features and additional extras. It has grown in popularity and has proved to be an amazingly wonderful platform for companies that can satisfy any online commerce needs.

Since most e-commerce websites have high traffic, dedicated server hosting is an ideal solution who are not yet ready to purchase their own server hardware. Each dedicated server acts as a powerful machine with components that are selected for reliability and optimal performance.

Now the question is, should you choose managed Magento hosting or unmanaged hosting service? Here there are some pros and cons of each which will help you consider the best hosting solution for your Magento website. Most of us start our business with shared servers because we usually have a very tight budget that has to fulfill various requirements. And it is because of this reason that we don’t come across the word “Management”.

This term is applicable only when we look for VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and semi-dedicated hosting. There is a clear difference in the price between managed and unmanaged hosting, but even if you have a strict budget, it is not a good idea to take any decision based on cost alone.

Choosing the wrong plan can be extremely expensive in the future. Mostly e-commerce business owners choose dedicated hosting plans because they want reliability and uncompromised performance. Though cloud servers are perfect solutions and are faster to scale and deploy, they often come at a higher price. So, dedicated servers offer the best solution in such cases.

These servers are for those business owners who are capable of handling their day to day management of their services with in-house technicians. The server management is complex and often is very time-consuming. There are many things that can go wrong if you don’t know how to manage them efficiently. The servers should offer security, availability, optimal performance and the technicians should have both expertise and experience to handle them. In a house, staff can take care of the hardware, network connection and everything else that the server needs to run efficiently. The rest depends on you. With unmanaged Magento hosting servers, you have the freedom to install as well as manage any software according to your needs.

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