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Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Comparison


Web hosting service is an integral part of business as it's very important to keep a parallel pace of your physical business with the virtual environment through online activities. This is only possible with the best IT management web hosting services provider. VPS short for Virtual Private Server is one of the web hosting solutions, usually recommended for beginners by the IT experts for its cost efficiency.

Let's first understand what is virtual private server.

Virtual Private Server can be understood as sharing a part of server with other websites hosted on the same server in the controlled and secured environment of a Data Center. Once user have chosen VPS as the hosting solution, he has to choose between Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS. Below are the factors that will help you decide which OS application suits your business the most.

  • Basic Difference: The major difference between Linux VPS and Windows hosted VPS is that Linux is an open source program while Windows is a commercial offering by Microsoft.
  • Cost: Being the open source program, Linux applications are available for free and neither it invoves any license fee or such credits. Comparatively, Windows VPS involves good cost as the user needs to pay Microsoft for services and even for upgrades etc.
  • User-Interface: Windows adopts GUI i.e. Graphical User Interface, which is very common, hence user-friendliness is high as mostly people are familiar with it. Whereas, Linux has a quite complex SSH interface, not very familiar.
  • ASP and SQL Support: Windows excellently supports ASP and ASP.NET and it also supports SQL and MS Access, comparatively Linux doesn't support it that well.
  • Control Panels: Linux is compatible with both Plesk as well as cPanel while Windows does not support cPanel, it only functions with Plesk. Both the OS applications have its pros and cons. Selecting between Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS should entirely be on the basis of compatibility with your business software, applications, programs etc.
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