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Linux Virtual Hosting in India-Signs of a hacked server


Linux systems are supposed to be the safest ones, this is the reason Linux VPS server users take a back seat thinking they are secured. But today nothing seems impossible for smart, robotic and programmed hackers. So, always ask your Linux VPS providers to keep monitoring your processing usage and other server functioning to analyze any attack by hackers.

Here are few signs which alert your Linux server has been hacked:

  • Logs will stop working
  • Who command won’t function
  • Unidentified systems will get installed with no clear functions
  • Services like sftp server, sshd etc. and even Library may get replaced
  • Tasks may be removed
  • Password settings may get changed and access may be allowed to bin user
  • Unusual CPU usage pattern

Don’t panic! Here is some first aid treatment for instant help.

  • Don’t rush to repair your system rather immediately contact your Linux VPS host, the very moment you notice any of the aforementioned signs.
  • Your VPS host must fix this ASAP. Meanwhile, disconnect the system from the network.
  • Stop all the SSH for all IPs except yours, and kindly note that changing password won’t help, as hackers can know the new one too.
  • Kill all the suspicious processes
  • Don’t turn off your system when under attack
  • Update your SSHD

To avoid such Linux VPS attack in future, follow the guidelines discussed below:

  • Regular backup: This is one of the data safety thumb rules and the first step towards data protection.
  • Regular Updates: Security updates are something which you may avoid when you are hosted on a Linux server, but that may get you into troubles. Regularly update all applications to minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Follow strict password rules: Do not send server access details to anyone through emails or IMs. Set a strong password and nothing of such sort that can be easily guessed. Moreover, you should set different passwords for different sites.
  • SSH for Limited IPs: Allow SSH service open for restricted numbers of IPs.

Prevention is always better than cure! Your web host can help you with the best Linux virtual server security services.

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