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Linux or Windows VPS hosting? What suits you best?


Business owners should always have some awareness of the various hosting plans and their benefits to choose the best suitable plan before hosting your own website. Many e-commerce or businesses websites which often require a private environment together with dedicated resources when it comes to hosting your website.

What is VPS?

A virtualized environment hosted on robust, single, physical servers which are divided into independent or multiple virtual servers. Own dedicated amount of bandwidth, RAM, CPU resources and disk space is utilized by each VPS allocated from the main physical server. It offers you root access independent from other virtual servers which allows you to install and configure your own applications, stop and start services, reboot your server and change ownership of files and directories. VPS are majorly used by enterprises and individuals who are looking for a cost-effective customizable platform to solve their needs. In VPS environment costs of network infrastructure, connectivity, server hardware is distributed. This cost distribution lowers the total price for the customer while offering the same power and security of the dedicated server resources.

  • Linux VPS Hosting: Linux VPS hosting is an open source operating system and is majorly used by the developers and is also a preferred choice for hosting service provider. It is known for its stability, performance, and innovation. Its open source platform makes it easy to adapt to any environment. The flexibility of Linux control panel is high. Linux OS is known to be safer than windows OS. Reboot is rarely required and the configurations and other changes can be achieved with a reboot. Linux is cost-effective as users don’t have to buy the license and your hosting provider can pass the saving by offering you with cheaper plans.
  • Windows VPS hosting: A most popular and used operating system is Windows. When there is a comparison made on Windows and Linux OS, Linux was considered to be a more mature system when it was about customization and security. But windows have somehow managed to reduce the gap and also enjoys some advantages over the open source OS platform. Windows is easy to set up than Linux platform and easily manageable if you don’t have technical skills or in house IT team. With a familiar GUI, the users feel more comfortable. Windows desktop can be accessed remotely from any location. Access can be directed from any location to your VPS server via your interface. Know your business requirements before choosing an OS for your Web hosting. The Choice of OS shall have a great impact on almost every aspect of your interaction.
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