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The Key Benefits of Moving VPS to Virtual Cloud Servers


VPS and Virtual Cloud operates on the same foundation of virtualization, but the quality of services entirely depends on the providers of cloud hosting services. Sometimes, also regarded as the virtual machine in the cloud, it also uses virtualization to divide the physical server into multiple isolated virtual servers. There are many such similarities between VPS and the virtual cloud server.

Major Similarities between VPS and Virtual Cloud Servers:

  • Both Virtual Private servers and Virtual machine in the cloud use virtualized environments to host your website
  • Both VPS server and virtual cloud solutions use resources from one hypervisor.

Major Differences between VPS and Virtual Cloud Servers:

  • Virtual servers use the resources of a single physical server while virtual cloud server pools together the resources of multiple machines.
  • Application updates in virtual cloud servers are more recent than the ones in VPS.
  • Virtual machine in cloud is designed for greater uptime than VPS.
  • Data management and storage methods vary in virtual private server and VM in the cloud servers.

Benefits of moving VPS to Virtual Cloud Servers:

  • Fail-over capabilities: Since the cloud management software pool many computing resources together which enhance its fail-over capabilities.
  • Greater Value: The clustered network of multiple servers makes the cloud infrastructure highly redundant. The billing method in virtual cloud servers follows pay-per-use method where the user needs to pay only for the resources that they have used. This is how users derive greater value out of cloud servers.
  • Better Up-time: Since the private cloud server has the fault-tolerant infrastructure, so it offers better up-time than other solutions. Moreover, Virtual cloud server offers instant scalability and flexibility.

Switching from VPS to Virtual Cloud Servers:

Moving from Virtual server to Virtual machine in Cloud Server is quite a complex process which requires best engineering expertise. Experienced IT professionals at Web Werks data centers in India can help you switch from VPS to VM in the cloud architecture smoothly and successfully. Moreover, we offer a wide range of Virtual cloud plans for businesses of different kinds and sizes. So, you can choose the best fitting virtual cloud solution for making most of the online opportunities for your business.

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