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The journey from a VPS to Cloud


VPS Web Hosting is the best alternative to shared hosting, recommended for the beginners. It is very economical web hosting option available at a low price. It is ideal for budding and growing small-medium enterprise. VPS uses the virtualization technology on a dedicated server, which is shared by many websites/users. This is why sometimes it is also called as virtual dedicated servers. Virtualization divides the dedicated server into separate partitions, each section hosted in isolated environment without any impact from the users on the same server.

VPS is considered best for start ups because it is highly affordable, comes with the features of dedicated server. Choosing the best VPS hosting provider which ensures security, scalability, high server availability and 24x7x365 rapid action support.

Gradually, when the business grows, web needs expand too. In such cases, the enterprises need to upgrade to the better technology for enhanced performance, in order to meet the increased website needs of the business. And the best way is to move from Virtual Private Server Hosting to cloud.

Cloud is similar to vps hosting server as it too is based on virtualization. But off course, Cloud has better features, improved uptime architecture and advanced capabilities of web hosting. Cloud is an improved approach for managing hostel virtual servers.

Benefits of moving from VPS to Cloud

  • Better Network Uptime: Cloud combines all the physical servers into one network, creating a centralized pool of computing resources. This leads to faster access to data by the end users.
  • Flexibility: With cloud, the user only pays for the resources that he uses i.e. pay-per-use. The user is free to choose storage, CPU, RAM, memory and other computing resources.
  • Choice of Operating Systems: Another advantage of moving from VPS to cloud is that the user can choose the best suiting operating system.
  • 32 bit or 64 bit: The user is free to choose whether to go for 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • VPN services: The user is also allowed to increase the levels of enterprise security with Virtual private network with Cloud.
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