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Joomla installation on web servers


Joomla is one of the freely available Content Management System (CMS). It is an open source CMS for building websites, web content etc. It is second popular choice for content management system, followed by Wordpress. Many corporate use Joomla for building, designing, publishing and managing their web content and other web applications. Joomla is technically written in PHP language and it uses MY SQL and MS SQL for storing data. The CMS is mostly used for business sites, RSS, News, polls, search and blogs etc. Many consider Joomla to be a quite simplified content Management System when compared to Wordpress and enables developers in creating an advanced website.

Benefits of Joomla Installation of Web Servers

  • Instant Installation: Joomla can be easily installed on web server. It takes no time in downloading and setting up on the server.
  • Easy-to-edit: With Joomla CMS, it is very easy to edit web content. The edits are instantly performed on the website.
  • Infinite Plug-ins: Plug-ins are the most important and a cutting-edge advantage of Joomla as it offers multiple plug-in extensions. This numerous plug-in extensions by Joomla enhances the website functionality.
  • SEO friendly: It is an SEO friendly software with multiple built-in URLs which are Search-Engine friendly links that result in better ranking in search engines.
  • Lingual Advantage: Apart from universal language English, Joomla can also enable users/developers to build site in French, Russian and other popular languages.
  • Extensive Support: For this open source CMS, there are infinite programming tools available on web and the user can easily learn about it through free Joomla tutorials, extensively available over web.
  • Unlimited Template options: With Joomla installation on web server, there are plenty of template options, both free and paid.

Fully Compatible: Joomla websites are easily compatible and functional with all internet browsers.

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