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JDBC Oracle services on VPS Hosting


JDBC oracle on VPS hosting further improves the web performance of the user's website. Let's take a closer look on the concept of JDBC oracle services.

JDBC is short for JAVA Database Connectivity. It helps in connecting JAVA to a relational database using SQL. It basically offers interface for implementing database using drivers. With JDBC interface, JAVA programs execute SQL statements and connect it to the corresponding database such as Oracle. JDBC Driver is also called as Pure Java Drivers.

The advantages of JDBC drivers are

  • Java API and JDBC API together makes the user applications convenient and highly cost-efficient.

  • It needs no configuration as the driver is written in JAVA.

  • With JDBC installation, the users can still access the information, no matter which database management system it uses for storing data.

  • Moreover, JDBC can also identify the source of data. This is another advantageous feature of JDBC driver.

VPS hosting is one of the best web hosting options, especially for the beginners who have just stepped into the world of business. Installing the cost-efficient JDBC Driver on affordable VPS server creates a unique technological blend for an incredible web experience.

Oracle has three different JDBC drivers

  • JDBC Thin Driver: It needs no SQL installation

  • JDBC OCI: It is used to create stand-alone Java applications

  • JDBC KPRB driver: It's a default connection for Java

These drivers vary from one database to another database based on the source code.

Oracle JDBC on VPS hosting is very simple with an easy 2-way step procedure:

  • Step 1: Download the Oracle JDBC driver package
  • Step 2: Install The JDBC driver by locating the driver file into the JAVA path with right extension.
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