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It's 2016! Are you still virtualizing like it's 2006?


Virtualization technology has been there since decades but it has transformed and evolved through generations to become more and more efficient every time in addition to better affordability. Earlier there were several worrywarts who were not convinced with the concept. Many believed for long that every application or service needs to be run on just the single operating system. In fact, at those times, it was economically viable for individual organizations to run on individual servers.

But as soon as data began to grow by the end of millennium, there was the need for more processing, more space, more cooling, more power and more data centers which meant huge capital investment. Soon, Virtualization found its way only to bring the revolution in Data Center Industry. In late 90s VMs (Virtual machines) were introduced. VMware workstation is among the trendsetters and it was well received by the tech-savvy geeks who were looking for a platform to run multiple OS on computers without dual booting.

Server Virtualization became the most sought after technology as it gave way to VPS. Virtual Private servers emerged as a great alternative for shared hosting with the advantages of dedicated server along with the independent hosting environment. Even today, virtualization delivers an efficient data center.

Today, virtualization technology has become much more advanced than what it was 10 years ago. Now VM backup is one of the most popular backup systems as it delivers better services than the traditional backup methods. Moreover, Virtualization is an essential component to launch web applications of enterprises.

Most importantly, the cloud technology has opened new doors for the virtualization. VM in cloud offerings is the affordable solution with hybrid advantages. 2016 is here, so keep yourself up-to-date with the latest virtualization practices- pooling of resources, deploying virtual machines in cloud etc. You do not need to be large corporate to use these enhancements of virtualization. Remember, it’s always better to start early!     

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