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Is IoT a Game Changer in India?


With an enormous amount of the Internet of Things (IoT) products in development, the innovation is all set to explode. The IoT ecosystem in India is growing significantly and the innovation is supporting us in both our personal and professional life. We have seen a great deal of improvement in technology in our nation and after the Make in India wave, the rate of invention rose even higher. There are plenty of helpful devices we have come across that has influenced our lives in many ways.

For example, an app that lets us control our car and household appliances such as air-conditioner and television. So you can pre-cool your room or instruct the TV to switch to your favorite channel before you enter the house. But that's not all. Apart from housing, IoT has been used in several different verticals that count in government organizations, too. Take a look at these where IoT has been adopted lately.


The Indian Government has been keenly approaching new technology and looking ways that could help bring a technical change and meet the country's requirements. Our Government has taken many initiatives to develop smart cities and the concept includes smart city maintenance, women safety, smart grids, tele-care, intelligent transport system and a lot more. Furthermore, the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) in collaboration with the Government, launched the Center of Excellence on Internet of Things in Bengaluru, an initiative taken to encourage start-ups to produce more innovative concepts aimed at IoT with a futuristic vision. The whole idea is to develop IoT ecosystem in the country and enhance our technical background.


Wearable technologies are the latest buzz in the healthcare sector. Both monitoring and preventative care devices are enabling patients to keep a track of their health so that they can seek immediate medical help before it's too late. For example, patients are given devices that consistently calculates blood pressure, glucose level, weight and so on that helps the individual to keep a check on their health.

The booming IoT ecosystem in the healthcare system is also alluring more organizations to come up with new ideas. Indian start-ups such as Cooey and CardeaLabs are supporting this technological growth and with the continuous evolution, health services could be enabled even in the most remote areas in the country.


Half of the employment in the country comes from the agriculture sector. Sudden change in the climatic conditions or unpredictable weather can bring misfortune for the farmers. What the modern IoT devices do is create a network of connected informatics that provides real-time data on weather. In addition, there's an IoT device that can help measure the moisture content of the soils and other crucial factors such as minerals, pH levels, etc. The farmer needs to place this device in the soil and in case of change in the soil condition, the device will trigger a message to the farmer's mobile phone with the help of cloud solutions. This data is indicated through a signal, which is green for good and red for something's wrong.

Outlining the future of IoT in India

So the IT industry is not the only sector involved with the Internet of Things. With the consistency in development, India is likely to perform exceptionally in the technological field. The good news is that there are a great number of start-ups in India that are determined to contributing their IoT inventions that could lead to progression. According to a report released by TechSci, IoT market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR more than 28% in the phase of 2015 – 2020.

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