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Intelligent Business Operations is the next move for large Data Centers


Gartner describes Intelligent Business operations (IBO)

“Companies in many different industries are improving their effectiveness and efficiency by making certain aspects of their operations more intelligent. A real-time analytic and decision management technologies are integrated into the transaction-executing and bookkeeping operational activities that run the business. Intelligent business operations are becoming increasingly practical because of the growing amount of data generated by sources inside and outside the company, and because of the wide availability of software tools to process that data immediately.”

Here we will discuss how IBO can empower the comprehensive troubleshooting operational process that take place at large data centers. Operation management at grandeur data centers is a challenging trade because amplitude of business processes at data centers are very vast stretching from complex IT infrastructure comprising of network, storage, servers, multiple devices etc. as well as machines for power and cooling. Intelligent Business Operations at data centers must fulfill the following capabilities in order to ensure smooth functioning:

  • Real-time analytics : The data center providers must enable the CTOs or CIOs to make quick and better decisions by integrating their operations with real-time look and feel of your assets, resources and any information that you want to illustrate to your TG.
  • Transformation business operation model : Integrating the business operation with unique customer-aiding models such as customer-knowledge model where the user can derive experts’ views through different data sources on a particular element/object.
  • Virtual tangibility : illustrating the business through live multi-modal demonstration via 3D virtual rooms. In simple words, it’s adding the factor of tangibility to your offerings through advanced virtual technology for helping customers in taking spontaneous decision.
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