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An Insight to Colocation Server Hosting


When we discuss servers, the first thing that strikes our mind is data centers. Data center solutions have provided a new perspective to IT companies for storing data and colocation server is just one of its many options for business who want to outsource their computing needs. If you want to buy a server or move your private hardware to a secured place, and at the same time want flexibility and control of it, colocation is the right thing for you. There are reasons why many IT organizations are embracing this technology. Here, I will discuss some of the advantages of co-location server hosting.

Benefits of Colocation Hosting

  • Reduces operational expenditure: Instead of investing on human resources and other equipment and tools to handle your system, you can simply install it in a data center where they allocate a number of servers in a rack and administer its entire requirement. You literally don’t have to put in any efforts to manage your servers. With this facility, you can cut down your company’s expenditure and save it from considerable expenses.
  • High-level security: Colocation offers top-level security, so you don’t have to worry about potential security threats as your servers are in safe hands. From biometrics to closed circuit cameras, to alarm systems, to key card entry, several security measures are taken to ensure the protection of your resources. When it comes to in-house storage, applying this type of security is difficult due to finance and staffing shortage. With colocation services, you are assured your private data and information is protected from intruders and data breaches.
  • Power redundancy: In case of power outage at your private data center, your business can incur some significant loss and it can be extremely difficult to set up your own redundancy plan and to manage it. Colocation facility has multiple backup plans, so even if there is a power outage or a natural disaster or any other issue, your service will never be interrupted.
  • Network reliability: One of the many crucial benefits of co-location is that it offers you a highly reliable network solution, so you never have to face network related issues. With its redundant internet service, your network can be smoothly switched in case of any connection problem.
  • Availability: Does your server need a re-boot at midnight? The services are available for you 24x7, so if you need any assistance overnight, you can call your service provider and scale your service as required.
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