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Innovating Data Centers Can Help Build Clientele Base


Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud, and Hybrid Technology are the modern data center buzzwords and there’s many more on their way, soon to surprise us with its ingenious characteristics. But data center managers need to keep in mind that the more technologies enter the market, the functions of their IT infrastructures changes as well to feed the need of the present and future. Cheap, fast, efficient, big will be the stream of demands lined up ahead and that’s where data center managers need to modernize. In the previous blog, we explored how green resources can contribute in consolidating data center efficiency. Now, I’ll be moving ahead with new concepts and discuss how focusing on these core aspects can reform an aging data center.

Speed, Innovation and Risk management

As we approach towards an advanced forthcoming, where the expected count of connected devices would be nearly 35 billion, it’s crucial for the CIOs to interpret the new role they need to be prepared for. Despite of altering the infrastructure design, cooling units and other aspects, the basic services and functionality remain unchanged. While IoT devices are playing its part in increasing the rate of data production, data centers need to become more agile in accommodating the growing volume. That means they require speeding up and processing the data as efficiently as possible.

It is nothing difficult, but doing the same thing speedily, quickly and cheaply. Since the priority for fast service is so high, data center CIOs must ensure that the availability and reliability issues remain low. The life of online business depends on connectivity and thus, data centers need to be available all the while. This is possible only if the managers make sure to keep their equipment up-to-date. Upgrading UPS systems to modern, innovative models can improve efficiency and eliminate downtime issues. Besides, during the time when adopting new technologies, IT managers need to maintain service quality and system safety.

Along with that, the focus needs to shift from primary risk management to more of service assurance challenges. As they make way for contemporary technologies, the risk factors are likely to surge as well and data centers need to be prepared for that, too. The emerging technological world will bring more challenges for data centers and they need formulate strategic plans that would work proactively in such conditions. Thus, modernizing data center can help in making things a lot easier and more efficient.

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