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Injection flaw for server hacking in web applications


Hackers keep looking for new ways to intrude your system and steal all that is private and confidential. If you are yet to ask for robust server and web application security services from your data center providers, then you are much vulnerable to these hackers and your web security may get compromised anytime.

What is SQL Injection?

One of the most common ways of web attack is SQL injection. SQL is short for Structured Query Language, which is the most widely used database language. It enables storage, retrieval and manipulation of data. Web-based SQLs are designed to allow some access to the database so as to enter a data and get a response. So, SQL injection attack invades the firewall and other security walls. So if SQL is not coded properly a tool as simple as a web form, login form or even search box may become a medium for such hackers to get into the system and access your data.

There are two types of Injection:

  • Standard or Error-based SQL injection
  • Blind SQL injection

Error based injection is executed when error messages bounce back from an application if someone feeds wrong information in the system.

While Blind SQL injection are executed when error messages are disabled, then it needs the hacker to find out the returned database and its response to injection attacks.

SQL Code injection completely manipulates the system variables and these attacks are used to dig more into web applications which lead to a severely compromised system.

What are the solutions?

  • Most importantly, updating and patching servers and applications will prevent such attacks
  • Codes for Websites and web-based applications should be written without any flaws to restrict ant unknown SQL commands.
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