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India's approach towards Cloud business market


India is one among the fastest developing countries in the world. The nation has witnessed IT boom in recent years and reaping its benefits. The country has many IT cities and it's the favorite choice for many corporate to invest their IT resource here. Many MNCs which are not physically present in India are picking engineers from here to manage their IT jobs.

India's approach towards Cloud business market

Amidst all other sectors growing in this developing sub-continent, Cloud computing technology too is emerging fast. In fact, data centers in India are competing at a parallel pace with the developed western nations.

Many big IT giants like Oracle, Google and Microsoft have considered India to be a highly significant market with explosive potential for cloud business. Today the traditional hosting solutions are replaced by cloud computing.

One of the key reasons for this growth is that the telecom and IT moguls in India are making huge investments in data centers and cloud technology. This signifies the growth of cloud business market in India.

Secondly, India has the second largest population in the world with youngsters accounting for 75% of the total population. So the internet users as well as usage is very high here. This has proved to be a favorable factor in This has also encouraged the entrepreneurship and many small and medium enterprises are coming up everyday. This will ultimately result into more and more internet usage, creating a huge market for cloud business.

Surprisingly, the cloud technology has become so popular in India that even local grocery stores are adopting cloud computing for their local business. In the last few years, spending on cloud has increased. Moreover the cloud services providers in India are also improving and re-inventing their offerings to make it more reliable and secured for the users.

India poses great potential towards cloud business market with millions of medium and small enterprises mushrooming in the country, with only 1-2% of them are online. So, still there are more than 90% of SMEs to be acquired by the Cloud services providers in India.

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