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Importance of Security in Colocation - Data Center Facilities ?


Security is always an important concern for any business, no matter it's small, medium or large. Firstly, because any business resource involves costs, specially IT resources incur huge investments. Any security breach can bring big losses to the organization and business may suffer a lot. Secondly, if the security is compromised, there will be turbulence in business operations. The functioning and processes of the company may even collapse.

When you buy a colocation server, you invest a huge amount of money. You have a purpose behind this capital investment, that it will enable an uninterrupted web presence of the business, smooth web operations and ultimately improved business results. But if you do not take important steps to protect your server, its security may get compromised. Any security loophole may attract hackers to your server and all at once, the entire business operation may start crumbling.

Failure of the server is the worst nightmare any business owner can get. Even mission-critical business data will fall at stake. So, it's essential to colocate your server in a world class data center by just paying small space rental. Colocation servers need to be accommodated in special environment conditions for their proper functioning and high availability. Tier IV data centers in India have world-class infrastructure with all latest technologies including high standards of HVAC system, a multi-layered security system and N+1 power supply etc.

Data center providers in India secure your server from any physical damage, ensuring higher uptime, so that you can devote all your energies and efforts toward your main business operations, forgetting all your worries related to server management.

Benefits of colocation server in Data Center India

  • World-class Infrastructure : India is one of the fastest emerging data center market. It is coming up with the state of art data centers designed with the best infrastructure and equipped with all the latest technologies.
  • Varied space options: Tier III and Tier IV data centers in India offer various space options, ranging from a small rack to cabinet, cage and even large rooms.
  • Highly Secured and Reliable: Data centers is India follow the highest standards of security parameters. Biometric, Security scan system, coded access, restricted entry, 24x7 CCTV surveillance and highly trained security personnel are deployed at the data centers in India.
  • Better connectivity: Carrier neutral data centers offer services from multiple network providers which ensure uninterrupted network connectivity, because if one network is down, the providers can manage it through the other networks.
  • No Risk: Tier IV data centers are built with latest methodologies and hence are fault proven. Highest security standard and disaster recovery policies protect your servers and critical data.
  • Technical Support: All the MNCs outsource their support services to India because we have the best engineers here. The data centers providers here have the best tech-professionals. Moreover, many data center providers such as Web Werks offer the support services 24x7x365.
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