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Hyperscale Server: Is it better than Traditional Data Centers?


For data center managers, it’s not possible to meet the growing demands of customers for scaling data storage unless they embrace the new emerging solutions. Here new solutions means the hyperscale computing that is an advanced version of the conventional type. The technique of compromising distinct set of racks, along with separate nodes, networking infrastructure, management server tools has just become a thing of past. If the big players in the market had continued with this typical infrastructure, they would have buried their business under the pressure of operational costs.

To support the scaling environment without investing too much, organizations now have another powerful choice to go with, which is moving to the hyperscale computing.

Hyperscale Computing

Scaling up physical infrastructure by adding compute resources such as processors, memory, interface cards is no more a reliable option. Hyperscale computing puts forth a new approach that is the scale-out design in the systems, which increases effectively to accommodate a higher volume of data and processing, without incurring additional IT overhead. It is capable of increasing from few to thousands of servers efficiently. This concept is mainly used in Big Data and cloud computing environment and by some of the industry leaders such as Facebook and Google. Usage of commodity equipment lets the organizations to scale as per requirement, while maintaining costs as low as possible.

Apart from that, organizations can make use of innovate open-source platforms for managing storage and data services in the hyperscale environment. These new components use new approaches to enable protection against server failure. However, even if any server fails, the impact wouldn’t be too tough to handle.


Hyperscale computing is highly decisive choice for organizations dealing with large data volume, so the usage of the new computing system will be seen more in the area where companies demand big analytical needs. Since hyperscale computing is attracting more users, smaller organizations will soon be able to reap out the benefits that will help them become more useful, reduce energy consumption, cut-down expenses and deliver productive services to their users.

So comparatively, hyperscale environment is better than the traditional data centers because it is quick, cost-effective and works as per demand.

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