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How to Secure Your Data Center from the Fluctuation of Nature


The worst data center disasters happened until date sets a mark on the technical world of how natural calamities can turn infrastructures instantly into nothing. Irrespective of how well managed, potential and highly efficient its services are, most IT professionals fail to keep up with securing the physicality of data centers.

Natural disasters could inflict massive destruction on data centers, leading to power outages, physical damage or even worse, data loss. All of the statistics highlights the need to implement an effective data center physical security plan to minimize the devastation in the event of disaster.

Securing data center from the catastrophe

To upkeep business continuity even in the adverse condition, data centers need to build a strong Business Continuity Plan that ensures unhampered operational flow. Business Continuity Plan is a protective measure designed to minimize the effects of disasters as it includes data recovery plan, data safety, facility management, staff safety, effective crisis communication and more. The ultimate objective of any organization is to incur zero loss and recover all data, however, to reach this high-level goal it requires high capital investment and thus, only few enterprises opt the idea.

Yet, there are certain common measures that can assist in quick data recovery:

  • Backing up data and sending it off-site frequently
  • Backing up data on-site and employing a technique that automatically copies data to an off-site location, or makes it accessible directly off-site
  • Using Storage Area Network and replicating all files and documents to an off-site location
  • High-availability hardware that ensures to maintain both the replicated data and system to enable quick access to the data for maintaining operation continuity.

Wind and water can potentially destroy data center altogether and there are quite distinct techniques that needs to be put into effect to avoid severe destruction. Consider applying these three basic components such as creating the data center’s physical aspects more resistant, physical distribution of data center operations, promoting data center continuity in case preventative measures fail.

Most data centers offer Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service, as it is one of the most crucial offerings in the current scenario. Besides, it also assures end-users that their data is safe and in case lost, can be recovered easily.

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