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How to Keep Your Personal Data Safe over the Internet?


While we are stacking our most crucial files and folders on the internet, we fail to address the most important privacy guidelines. In this digital lifestyle, it is nearly impossible to take part in the web world without leaving a trail behind. Hackers are always in search of unprotected online data and it not just a common user vulnerable to these malicious attacks, but also business giants, making us think twice before burying our sensitive, personal information at any online platform.

Question asked repeatedly, thousand times, by billions of users, is – How to keep personal data safe online? Even Google, the search engine master is flooded with this particular question millions of times. But this is a fundamental understanding that personal information is intensely sensitive and is to be kept secured instead of voluntarily broadcasting or selling your information on the web to generate fan followers. Some people reveal details without even realizing that they are falling into the trap.

So what you can do?

Simply finding out solutions on protecting online sharing won’t do any good, unless we change our perspective towards cyber security. The justification for this major risk posed in front of us is we take data security leniently. Taking a closer look at the general security actions that most of us implement can also contribute in protecting our identity. Such as:

  • Creating strong passwords
  • Revealing minimum information possible
  • Installing anti-virus software
  • Configuring devices frequently
  • Safe web browsing

But even these traditional attempts tend to fail at certain extent to combating online threats because the hackers world is potentially turning stronger. Organizations are either adopting cloud solutions or shifting data centers, which is a highly efficient and effective technique to safeguarding data. However, a common user cannot embrace such sophisticated technology and thus, need to implement appropriate measures to shield their identity.

One of the major actions you can take to avoid attacks is generating strong passwords and prevent landing at untrusted websites. While you shop online or process any transaction, make sure the website is SSL certified (look out for a green lock in the domain), as this states the website is reliable and trustworthy for sharing sensitive details. Free network connectivity is exciting, but it can also infect your device for no charge. Avoid using public wireless connections as in such cases the probabilities of attacks are even higher.

Applying latest, innovative anti-spam and anti-virus technology is insufficient, as we need to take strong measures for data safety. Instead of being depending on these software, put your own efforts to keep your personal data intact and difficult to exploit; this will be quiet effective. And not to forget – be more cautious and travel safe online!

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