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How important is backups and it's retention in Organizational Environment?


Business data are valuable to any company as they are instrumental in smooth functioning and operations of the enterprises. The businesses may need these data anytime. Keeping them safe and secured is a tough task all the way. With the technology advancing each day, there are many negative elements coming up too, which pose extreme threat to mission critical business data.

Why do you need data back up and retention? What can cause harm to business data?

Natural Disaster: We never know when this beautiful nature will take a turn causing disasters like flood, earthquake or fire. So it's very important to store your mission-critical data in a fault-tolerant data center or keep a copy of your valuable data in some other secured location as well.

Broken server: When a server fails, immediately restore the business data on some alternate or virtual server before fixing/replacing the broken server.

Malicious Virus: These may attack your disk, files and folders causing deletion/loss of data

Ignorance towards old data: Retention of your old data is equally important for any enterprise. You might need them any day, so don't ignore them and make back up plans for these archived data too.

What to do for data back up and retention?

The organizations need to pay special attention towards few considerable factors before deciding upon the back up and retention infrastructure:

  • Prepare your data back up and retention objectives along with the requirements
  • Allocate budget logically
  • Manage Efficiently: ensure there is optimum utilization of resources
  • Make sure web hosting provider has redundant infrastructure in data center to avoid any impact of server failure
  • Choose only carrier neutral data centers so as to avoid interruption due to single network failure
  • Ensure the data center is fully bundled with robust disaster recovery mechanisms like fire suppression/extinguishers, water level alarm, smoke detectors etc. to name a few
  • Don't skip the disaster recovery policy from the web service provider
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