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How has Cloud hosting in India evolved ?


Cloud hosting is the latest revolutionary technology transforming the web hosting industry. And the corporate are drawn with its advanced features of storage and hosting at a very small expense. So let's see how has Cloud Hosting evolved in India-

Beginning: The basic idea of cloud was very much there, right from the invention of mainframe computer where the computing machine was used by several users at the same time through terminals. In the wake of virtualization technology and with the introduction of revolutionary VMware (software), concept of cloud emerged.

Evolution: Cloud evolved when Virtual Private network was introduced where the users are provided with coded access to a private cloud network, which can be accessed from anywhere at any point of time. In India, Cloud hosting services are used by banking, healthcare, education as well as in government sectors.

Cloud In present times: Cloud today are available through 3 service models:

SaaS PaaS and IaaS, that are explained below:

SaaS: Cloud is offered in the form of Software as a Service. The cloud as software stores/transfers and create a back up of data.

PaaS: Cloud is offered in the form of Platform as a Service. The cloud as platform offers data hosting and the user has complete control over the platform for its operations.

IaaS: Cloud is offered in the form of Infrastructure as a Service, for example VMware virtualization.

Based on network deployment, there are again 3 types of Cloud offerings.

Public Cloud: This cloud technology is an open network like internet, used by network. Since it can be accessed through internet, it is very inexpensive and is available for public use.

Private Cloud: Private cloud has restricted access, only to the authorized users such as employees. The cloud resources are operated and managed by the corporate client and sometimes even outsourced. It is highly secured and reliable service ideal for all kinds of businesses. This is off-course a cost-incurring service.

Hybrid Cloud: This is a blend of both private and public cloud offering the benefits of both the cloud deployment model.

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