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How Flash In The Cloud Can Boost Performance?


Flash storage in the cloud is still an expensive proposition for most enterprises. Those who are looking at flash as an option are wondering if performance benefits of flash are worth the extra cost. The answer, as with most things is: it depends.

Flash Storage The efficiency demands of cloud infrastructure are pulling the physical limitations of legacy hard disk drives. Organizations are making a great deal of improvement by moving a large amount of mission-critical applications to private cloud servers. And when it specifically comes to providing the desired input/output operations-per-second for tier one production environments, IT operators need to consider upgrading their storage solutions. Enterprise-grade solid-state storage solutions have come to the rescue as it is helping organizations optimize speed and improve efficiency level. All-flash storage data center provides a number of benefits such as it eliminates inefficient or aging storage solutions, storage silos and considerably reduce IT overhead. An all-flash storage option will provide the flexibility to install new features, virtual desktop instances, applications and moreover, enable users to handle multiple workloads with just a single storage source. Hybrid Cloud Storage All-flash data center might seem as an ideal option for data storage, but it's essential to understand that IT facilities will not completely transit to flash because of a simple reason that every data is different. There are different sets of data residing in data center, some are used and active, while others turn cold because it is left unused and organizations still pay to keep the cold data in the environment. This is where cloud services turns out to be highly efficient. Although cloud is offering multiple cost and flexibility advantages to enterprises, there's a persisting problem with the technology which is latency. Given that cloud offers a whole lot of benefits to end-users this particular issue has slowed down data transition. For many organizations, latency means impact on revenue such as financial sector can't afford even milliseconds of network issue as it can lead to loss of millions of dollars. Rectifying this issue and moving everything from local storage will take some time. But when it comes to cold data or as they say lukewarm data, cloud storage solution is the best thing business can do.

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