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How Far Should Your Disaster Recovery Data Center Be?


How far is your DR site? Is it too close or far enough? The distance between the primary data center and DR site completely depends on your needs. While you decide to integrate a disaster recovery solution to your business, the one and most crucial thing you need to take into account is the location of the DR center. Many organizations fail to realize that the locale of their secondary data centers matters a lot, especially when you have all your mission-critical data backed up right at the place.

Outlining the Risk Factors

Let’s start with figuring out the possible risk factors for your company. Firstly, you need to consider the geographical area of your secondary IT facility and determine whether it is vulnerable to natural disasters. Not simply that, but you also need to determine if your data center falls under the arena where the probabilities of calamities are high. Make a two-way consideration.

If your location is not safe, then it is best to choose a DR site that is far enough because if both the sites are maintained on the same grid, a power outage or blackout can generate similar challenges for both.

However, if your realm is unsusceptible to environmental challenges, opting a close by location should not be an issue. This will let you immediately gain access to the alternate site and get your business back online within considerably short period.

Often companies compromise their data just because they can’t afford a disaster recovery plan. According to researches, nearly 40% of companies have a poorly formulated recovery plan. Ascertain to implement the ideal disaster recovery strategies that will work in favor of your organization and not against it. Make sure to act smartly.

Key Point

There is no rigid or ironclad rule to determining the location of your substitute data center, but there are some general guidelines to guide you through the complicated process. A gist of everything discussed above; first, consider far distance (100 miles recommended) if you are located within a disaster-prone area. Second, if natural threats are not an issue, immediate locations can work fine. Lastly, work-area recovery, the disaster recovery centers need to be close-by. So that if the worst strikes, your personnel can reach at the site and resume promptly.

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