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How Does VPS Hosting Perform over Cloud Platform?


Cloud VPS Hosting is the mixture of Cloud services and VPS hosting. In fact, VPS hosting on cloud platform is futuristic and can be considered as the next generation web hosting solution. Here, the VPS hosting is not a single server hosting, rather it is provided in a clustered infrastructure. Cloud based VPS offers high redundancy and availability with no server downtime, therefore, it is highly stable web hosting solution.

Let's see what is a virtual private cloud and how does VPS Hosting perform over Cloud Platform.

Unlike single server VPS, cloud virtual private servers runs on multiple servers connected in a cluster, thereby connecting all the websites to multiple servers. It is easily uploaded and configured to the website. VPS on Cloud needs no hardware as cloud platform inherently requires no application of hardware. So there is no chance of any hardware failure in this web hosting service.

Features of VPS Hosting over Cloud Platform

Redundancy: Since the websites can access several servers in the cluster, therefore the redundancy is very high. Its Failover manages any outage by switching it to functional server.

Availability: High redundancy level is equivalent to high network availability. With VPS over Cloud platform, there is rarely a chance for any failure and downtime. High availability leads to peace of mind, stability and a prospering business.

Scalability: In VPS over Cloud, it is very easy to scale up resources depending upon your dynamic business requirements. Moreover, database migration too is a convenient process in Cloud based VPS without any hassle.

Reliability: With all the above features of VPS on Cloud platform, it is highly reliable web hosting solution.

Cost: The payment for Cloud VPS is done on pay-per-use system. But since cloud VPS hosting runs on clustered computing, hence it involves higher cost of operations, maintenance etc. Ultimately, these costs result into a little expensive price of VPS on cloud, as compared to single server VPS hosting.

Cloud virtual private servers are based on cloud computing and it provides the best hardware virtualization platform, in fact it is the futuristic web hosting solution.

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