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How does virtualization sprawl happen?


Deploying a new Virtual Private Server is no more a complicated process. Virtualization is just another concept of the technology world that is gaining momentum in the data center industry. It is rapidly setting up and accelerating its spot in the small and medium sized business (SMB) market. On the other hand, virtualization immediately shows return on investment that organizations have put into the technology, reduces floor space and cut-down energy consumption bills by nearly 50 – 60 percent.

However, while in the process of creating virtual environment for customers, IT managers must avoid the burden of virtual sprawl. Let us discuss the subject in detail

What is Virtual Sprawl and how does it happen?

Transiting to virtualization is a quick and easy process that minimizes hardware count and upsurges cost savings. With time, the virtual environment grows big and technicians find it difficult to control such a massive platform that results in virtual sprawl.

Virtualization sprawl arises when the count of virtual machines exceeds and administrators can no longer control the increasing range. Firstly, it is evocative to inefficient implementation of desktop infrastructure. The ease of installing VPS in data center led to generation of more virtual resources that made IT administrators lose track of active and inactive equipment.

Secondly, the IT professionals’ responsibility does not end with installation. Organizations will use the server and leave once they are done with it. But what happens with the resource later?

Active equipment should be maintained appropriately, while the inactive resources must be decommissioned. As more and more virtual resources are growing rapidly within data centers, sprawl is increasingly provisioning a major challenge for IT administrators. With a simplified and efficient virtualization management procedure, the intensity of sprawl can be levelled down. Data center practitioners must ensure to efficiently virtualize and if possible, automate processes. Considering this, data centers can still realize the benefits of virtualization without incurring the impacts of sprawl.

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