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How to design a resilient WAN Infrastructure for the Cloud?


With the advancements in cloud solutions, WAN optimization has become highly essential as the functionality of mission-critical business applications and data count on it. Due to this, businesses are relying more on their network connectivity. While most organizations have shifted to the cloud, they need to ascertain that the networks are compatible with the technology. For that purpose, cloud and the WAN needs to be integrated so that both the concepts perform to its full potential.

Instead of simply connecting the primary site and data centers to private WANs, enterprises need to move from the older version to newer solutions that mean adopting flexible cloud-based approaches to upgrade their WAN needs. Take into consideration the below mention key aspects:

Rooted integration

In order to match the flexible, scalable and agile feature of cloud, WAN needs to be upgraded that will also let the enterprise gain maximum out of it. As mentioned above, integrating cloud and WAN thoroughly can further support more layers of cloud models, thus improving the overall efficiency.

Requires dynamic networks

Passive networks drastically affect the effectiveness and value of cloud and thus, the connection needs to be highly resilient for optimum output. This would soon demand for the separation of network services from a single physical location because the cloud services can be accessed from any location.

Orchestration of network resources

A cloud strategy inclusive of all the cloud types (private, public and hybrid cloud) must backup the orchestration of network resources in order to scale the component whenever required. Therefore, these resources must be orchestrated across a number of locations and even the cloud platforms and service providers.

Network security

Sensitive and confidential data flows through the networks and enterprises need to ensure that the data and applications are protected. Adopting security solutions can help build a secured platform that maintains confidentiality. This might require network-based encryption or at certain stage might also demand for encryption across the layer.

Mesh Network

This terminology means all the end points of the networks are connected to each other. Let me tell you this is a highly expensive configuration, but you can use the network design software that would harmonize resilience and cost-effectiveness. Also, make sure you have alternate routes available that can be put into action when channels receive heavy traffic. This will reduce interruptions and maintain the efficiency.

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