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How Data Centers Provides Better Physical Security?


Cloud computing is trending from past few years, but this will not fill the requirements of every company. There is still the need of an in-house traditional data centers in many organizations. Even if your company use the cloud, you might have a hybrid configuration or at least a network and electrical backbone in your facility, which warrants close monitoring and inspection. To create a healthy data center infrastructure, data center management team relies on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). With data centers becoming more complex and advanced – both in terms of size and functionality – organizations are setting up the advanced infrastructure management solutions that help in measuring and monitoring the data centers resources and equipment to ensure increased efficiency in performance. DCIM facilities managers to create building digital schematic diagrams. Why Data Center Infrastructure Management? There are many benefits of DCIM such as cost saving, productivity gets enhanced, and a better return on investment (ROI). Let's discuss this in more detail: Information at tip: Having access to accurate and prevailing information about the data center equipment and resources. Cost Efficiency: Since the operating costs get reduced, results in low energy consumption. Regulatory Compliance: Obedience to prescribed standards and procedures pertaining to data center equipment. Auguring Analytics: DCIM helps in making an accurate prediction regarding energy, power, and data center cooling capacity leading to saving time and money. Helps in Decision Making: Information on the availability and utilization of data center assets and resources facilitating informed decision making pertaining to infrastructure management. DCIM offers great ROI: DCIM provides increased ROI through: a) Increased data center efficiency by balancing supply with demand. b) Improved data center availability by analysis of the space where future projects can be placed. c) Better data center manageability. Data Center Infrastructure Management ensures that the data center infrastructure is healthy. It helps the data center to make the best use of the physical resources available as well as enabling the seamless integration of the data centers into the organizations for asset management, data management, process management, budget planning and other important systems. Web Werks, one of the leading data center in India trust on DCIM to deliver the best service to our clients. We have been providing our customers with quality-driven managed as well as unmanaged hosting services that include cloud solutions, dedicated and VPS hosting. Besides this, we also deliver backup storage solutions, disaster recovery services, work area recovery, CDN services, etc.

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