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How Data Centers Help Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) Deliver Unimpeded Content Delivery


Did you know that approximately 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute globally? Mindboggling, isn’t it? This is just one scenario that indicates the massive role of content in today’s internet-savvy consumer markets.

From social media influencers to Fortune 500 businesses, the race to publish and distribute as much content to their audience is picking up at an unprecedented pace today. The content itself is composed of multiple forms like video, podcasts, pictures, informative landing pages, online storefronts, and much more.

The demand and supply of content will grow exponentially as we progress deeper into the digital economy. But the real challenge for businesses is to ensure the unhindered availability of content at any time with minimal or zero delays. This is where Content Delivery Networks (CDN) play a crucial role.

CDNs work as a collection of geographically distributed servers that acquire content from publishers and store them closer to where the actual demand base is located. This helps businesses achieve lower latency content distribution and improve media and content experiences.

Accelerated content consumption fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and increased high-speed internet penetration has further augmented the growth of CDN services worldwide. Studies estimate that the global CDN market will grow by USD 51.3 billion between 2022 and 2026. This includes both third-party CDN service providers as well as businesses that build their own CDN infrastructure.

However, in today’s digital-first world, content consumption is poised to reach extreme levels that will choke even the most efficient CDNs globally. Moreover, studies estimate that 62.3% of the top 1000 most popular websites in the world rely on CDN services to distribute their content worldwide. This makes their uptime availability a critical factor.

We have witnessed how a recent downtime at Cloudflare disrupted the availability of some of the world’s most visited websites for nearly an hour. The criticality of CDNs also makes them a hot target for cyber threats.

So how can businesses ensure that their CDN service can manage the exponential growth of digital content consumption happening over their networks? How can they guarantee superior levels of availability, uptime, and security for content supplied through their networks? The answer lies in partnering with the right Data Center (DC) provider to host the CDN infrastructure. Let us explore how the right DC partner can empower CDNs to deliver unimpeded content delivery:

1. Localised Distribution Capability

The right DC will have a more localised presence in areas where internet traffic consumption is higher. Cisco pointed out that nearly 35% of global internet traffic will be managed in metro-to-metro networks.

By hosting the CDN service on DCs having a solid presence in core metropolitan markets, businesses can help improve latency and resolve any bandwidth constraints that end users may endure.

2. Security Guardrails

Leading Data Centers offer a range of additional security layers that help CDNs escape from most cyber threats. For example, Web Werks offers intelligent vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services to continuously audit and eliminate any suspicious behaviour.

CDNs need comprehensive end-to-end autonomous security monitoring to prevent any woeful events and DCs are equipped to handle such proactive security requests at any time.

3. Guaranteed Uptime Availability

When the footprint of CDNs expands, it will need direct connectivity to local or regional IP frameworks that host multiple carrier networks. Data Centers partner with several carriers in every region, thereby boosting the potential of CDNs to leverage the underlying networks to offer reliable content distribution.

This will greatly influence the availability and uptime metrics of CDNs which ultimately empowers businesses to cater to the rising data consumption habits of end users.

4. Custom Configurations

Enterprises can take advantage of DCs that offer flexible configuration capabilities to build a custom CDN infrastructure for dynamically managing all content distribution needs. They can leverage all the latest protocols for media streaming, connect or build new APIs to expand their digital services, integrate Cloud services for additional capabilities, and much more.

Most third-party CDNs do not allow businesses to build their own custom CDN infrastructure and even when they do, the costs can be significantly high. Data Centers on the other hand offer more flexibility and affordability for such custom use cases.

To Sum It Up

Enabling seamless digital service availability and performance is paramount to fulfilling customer experience in today’s digital economy. Businesses that succeed in this regard can grow sustainably and scale faster. Such a growth trajectory is however impossible without relying on a robust CDN platform. Web Werks’s enterprise-grade CDN platform helps enterprises seamlessly build and manage their own Content Delivery Network. With guaranteed uptimes, Web Werks manages 3 state-of-the-art TIER III Data Centers spread across Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi-NCR, with more coming up in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru.

Additionally, organisations can scale their CDN infrastructure globally through Web Werks’s Joint Venture partner Iron Mountain Data Centers (IMDC) which manages 16+ advanced Data Centers spread across the US, Europe, and APAC.

For unhindered content delivery, organisations can rely on Web Werks’s dense Interconnection ecosystem consisting of over 200 ISPs, seamless connectivity to all major carriers, Internet Exchanges (IXs), and Cloud On-ramp services for major Hyperscale Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like AWS, Azure, and Google.

To learn how Web Werks can help you deliver a superior CDN experience, please visit or get in touch with us on ‌‌ +91 8828 335 555.

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